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Digital marketing has changed in the last few years and F5 Digi has mastered the art like no other. In fact, we are the most sought after Online Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. To be frank, few companies in India match our Digital Marketing Services capability and we are proud of attaining this position.

Irrespective whether you are a start-up or an already established firm, we offer our services to all. All you need to do is to have a one-to-one chat and all of our team members will draw their inferences and then chalk out a plan on how to go about marketing. We will then mix and match our strategies and bring out a concrete plan which lasts for at least 3-4 months, by which the results start to pour in.

In the meantime, we will keep track of your site’s progress on all fronts including Google Analytics and other similar platforms. We will also gather feedback from different sources and assess the performance and then decide what should be the next step!

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google keeps changing its algorithm frequently but we are simply not bothered because of our no-nonsense, ethical and visitor friendly approach. This is the key which ensures our ranking never slips and our clients enjoy the fruits of our hard labour. Read more

Social Media Optimization

Today platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin grab more footfalls than the websites and the active presence boosts your visibility. Obviously, as leading marketers we have all the tools to keep the visitors interested and our posts are not only liked and shared but often invite readers to appreciate and comment. Google loves this engagement and frequently rewards us by boosting our rankings.

Pay Per Click

Clever wordings invite more visitors to click our adverts and we get the maximum response for every Rupee spent. This is because along with advertising we also convey some essential messages that invite more clicks.

Online Reputation Management

Irrespective of the platform like websites or social media, we quickly answer all the queries and leave no stone unturned to efficiently handle visitors. People are smart enough in discovering how responsible the company is and this good word is shared and our clients benefit.

Mobile Marketing

Today mobility is evident as everyone carries either a smartphone or mobile. Browsing, shopping and chatting is something everyone does on a mobile. We know it makes sense to focus on Mobile Marketing and we have all the tricks of the trade to attract visitors. Our Mobile Apps are the perfect example of how well equipped we are.

Content Writing

Content is the king and we specialize in writing text which is easy to read, convey our message clearly and the visitor makes it a habit to visit our sites more often. LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Index) are the latest go-to additions and they not only help describe the topic in a friendly tone, it also covers more areas easily. We proudly integrate the latest developments into our stride and win our visitors.

Digital Marketing FAQ's

Here, we just want to know whether you have a website or not? Today, having ONLY a physical shop is old-fashion as everyone makes money through online websites. Delivery boys frequenting homes is ample proof that selling online is THE way to go! Maintaining a shop is a good way to keep your employees busy, but, trust us – your people will be more engaged in packing online orders!

Promotion. Tell the world you have arrived with a bang! Inform online what stuff you have got and how easy it is to shop with you. Showcase the full range and the age-group you cater to and what facilities/discounts/cashback/ you provide for your loyal customers.

Today everyone has a mobile and a data plan. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and a zillion other platforms are most popular and people frequent them many times daily. Attractive posts, contests, prizes, infographics work like magnets and people love them. It makes huge sense to be ideally active on social media for generating huge sales.

Websites are sitting ducks, they do nothing of their own. Unless you drive visitors (by whatever means) there won’t be any sales. That is the reason why PPC (pay per click) adverts, Landing Pages that describe your arrival and showcase special products, and Social Media promotion is needed.

Well, professionals (like us) can handle all of the promotion under a single roof. You just name it and we do it for you. Online marketing is a totally different ball game, and not everyone is comfortable doing it. Reach us, contact us and we will show you how it can be done. We will show you the whole roadmap and keep you in the loop so that you are fully aware of how we function.

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