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The Professional and Friendliest Domain and Website Hosting Company in Delhi, India

Going online and having a website is the best idea. This helps you reach all over the country and the world in almost no time and sell your products. However, you need a professional but a friendly company who can guide you on all aspects before you go online. No wonder F5 Digi is regarded as the friendliest Domain and Website Hosting Company in Delhi. F5 Digi is your best friend indeed as we help you understand all the nuances so that you can march ahead confidently. (Well, we also give you valid reasons why you should keep & maintain your shop and how it adds to your kitty as well!)

Instant Setup

Once you engage us we do all the needful and within a few minutes, you have your hosting setup, your email-ids having the hostname set and a raw website will also be in place. Within a few hours, you will also see your actual website online, complete with name, logo and a few pages. If you fill in the contact form, within minutes the email will arrive in your inbox. Yes, this is instant setup what we are talking about!

Constant Backups

If you have used computers, you know how important it is to (i) save your documents, and (ii) having backups. Well, our team (the system admin, to be precise) ensures timely backups are in place so that in any untoward event, you do not lose your data. [Yes, all these services run behind the curtain and are part of our package, so you need not worry!]

You have come to the right place and always in safe hands. You will never experience any downtime and your website will always be online and ready to earn 365 days 24×7!

SSL Integration

Today Security is important not only for visitors who arrive at your website, it also helps rank your site in search engine’s good books. By Default, we provide the SSL or Security Socket Layer to your website so that all purchases your visitors’ make are totally secure. Thanks to the 256 bit encryption, no one can steal either their credit/debit card numbers and/or passwords.

Once you open your website, you will see a Lock Sign on the left hand side of the browser. You will also see the term “Https”, wherein the “s” means Secure. This Lock Sign encourages your visitors to shop freely, without any tension. Isn’t it nice? [Again, SSL integration is FREE for all of our clients!]

Domain Buying

Every website needs a “name” which in web parlance means “domain name”. If you have a pre-existing shop name or a brand, you can easily purchase it. However, if it has already been taken, you need to juggle it a bit and get your desired name.

This Domain Name has to be renewed every year (just like your hosting package). Though it makes sense to pay in advance for at least 3 years. [Don’t worry, if your association with us continues, we will do it automatically, so you only focus on your business!]

Domain & Hosting FAQ's

A domain is like the Signboard for your online shop. No website can exist without a domain name. This domain signifies your brand, what people will recall when they visit your site. This is what will be used for promotion. Just like every person has a definite name, similarly every website must have a domain name.

You also need to renew the domain every year.

It is the place, a computer, where your website is put up. You need to purchase space, the computer doing all the processing and handling your emails. Web hosting has to be renewed every year (to save costs, you can make your purchase for up to 3 years)

A few minutes. The moment you pay, we arrange everything and within minutes all the details, like the full URL, website login details and the backend login details (for entering the Server side) are sent almost immediately.

Linux is Open Source and has no charge for the software whereas Windows is licensed and carries a hefty charge. Majority sites are hosted on Linux and for the end user, it makes no difference at all as both systems are transparent. Moreover, compared to Windows, Linux is much more robust (security wise) and stable so you experience very few, if at all, site errors. The uptime with Linux is almost 99.9%.

It all depends on how you wish to engage with us. If you are new to all this, it makes sense not to have the login details, either for the website or backend, because you make inadvertently break your own website.

When we control your website, regular backups are routinely done which safeguards against hackers. We also conduct various checks for viruses and other file discrepancies, which only seasoned admins are aware of.

However, if you are well versed with this technology, or have experienced staff, we have no problems sharing all the details with you. The drawback is, if your website gets corrupted or stops to load, we may not be able to help you.

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