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Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development Services

Best e-Commerce Website Development assuring a Quick Turnaround

Today, eCommerce is the way to go for selling and we have mastered the art in a short span of 5 years. In fact, F5 Digi is THE eCommerce Development Company in Delhi, and we have carved a niche in India. Irrespective of either the size of your company or your portfolio of products, we know which platform to work on and how you can flourish.

One Face-to-Face Meeting is ALL it takes
For best eCommerce website design and development, we start with having a full-fledged, face-to-face talks with our client and understand all of their needs, views and plans for the future. We also note down the budget, time frame and how many staff they can allocate for the launch.

Woocommerce Website Design and Development

WordPress sites are the best for small to medium eCommerce type of businesses and Woo-Commerce the best platform to invest in. We started our business with WordPress & Woo-Commerce, this is something we have mastered and can assure a quick turnaround. Right from including the various taxes, shipping details and revisiting customer discounts, we can integrate all.

OpenCart Website Design and Development

Many customers wonder if they can sell their wares online as effectively as they did via a brick-and-mortar store? Well, if your business falls in these 10 businesses, then OpenCart is the way to go, which is almost tailor made.

Magento Website Design and Development

Online visitors are often overawed by the success of commercial websites which have taken most markets by storm. If you dream big, that is, are sure of having thousands of products or have many dealers joining hands, you should go for Magento Platform for your Website Design and Development.

Shopify Website Design and Development

Many a time customers are wary of investing huge amounts initially. We suggest them to subscribe for Shopify which qualifies as Software as a Service (SaaS). This means your website is almost instantly on and you can start earning within a few days. Since many customers favour this route, we have all the resources to guide you to the finer aspects.

Ecommerce Development FAQ's

Search engines always crawl the web and note all websites which have the keywords people search. Depending on the niche, different keywords are used and the more keywords your website has, the better chance of the search engines visiting. If your website has what search engines need, your site is “Search Engine Friendly”. There are other criteria as well, but this is the main one to focus on.

Website is a totally different ballgame altogether. You have expertise in your own products and the e-commerce website development company have their own. There are many concepts involved like:

1. Layout
2. Design
3. Navigation
4. Branding
5. Ease of use
6. Payment Gateways
7. The mandatory SSL certificate
8. Professional Content for all the products & categories, and so on.

It is best to hire professionals who are experts and can handle all these tasks efficiently. This helps because then you can focus on your products whereas the web side is taken care of by the web development company.

Yes and No. In the initial stages, when the site is in developing stage, it is not live. But once most of the categories created, products within the categories are added, and a fixed layout & design is in place the site is actually live. Then you just cannot put the site down, for any reason because it may turn your visitors away.

New products can be added and it makes no difference if the site is live or not. Plus, it makes sense because you can immediately see how the product appears and whether the related content displays correctly or not.

You can always specify whether the changes you make should be made live or not. For instance, if you are adding any category and/or a product, but not sure how it can be described or if the image is not apt, you can ask it to be added, but put on hold. [This is usually done on non-indexed pages so that they can be safely deleted if required and it does not put any burden on your live site!]

Yes! Site maintenance is our baby, as long as you keep your association with us intact. We monitor your website on a continuous basis and take remedial measures if situation arises. You need not worry on this aspect at all. As we said earlier, you are in safe hands.

NO. There is no need because our servers are of high quality, in parallel, that is, if one server fails, the other takes over. Plus all servers have backup power supply and if the electricity supply fails, the UPS takes over and the user will not notice any difference.

We have a ticket system in place where you can always raise your concerns and we reply ASAP.

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