Privacy Policy

As a prominent service provider, we understand that users’ privacy online is very important while establishing business terms with client. We, therefore, have managed to build a privacy policy to protect the users’ information which sometimes is asked during any of the processes while conducting business. The policy, however, doesn’t describe how the information is collected but is meant to provide online security to users’ personal information. The policy is described as follows:

Collection of information and use of the same – We are liable to collect and use information that clients provide voluntarily either while searching for our services or for resolving their queries. The collection of information may be done either via email or any of the features provided on website.

Sharing of the collected information with any third party – We are committed towards not disclosing the clients’ personal information to any third party. There may be some links provided on our site by other websites which are governed by their own privacy policies. And, in case you provide your information to such a website then the use of the same depends on the privacy policy of that website, we are not liable for the use of information in that case.

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