Web Content Designing Techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Often many content developers and website designers tend to make the mistake of considering Search Engine Optimization as the major objective of creating a website. Although larger traffic is obviously the ultimate aim but it can never be achieved without targeting the core user bases which demand high quality, authentic and focused content.

SEO services can never replace or overpower the need for fresh and unique web content and designs. Rather they must be considered as complementary techniques which allow users to know about a given website but whether the user stays with the site and becomes a regular customer depends entirely on the quality and relevance of the services available on the website and also on how well these products and services are projected.

The Google Search Engine is the most frequently used search engine in the world and through analysis of its search mechanisms it is evident that it also focuses largely on relevance and originality of content. It uses a web crawler or a spider which literally crawls through the web to look for information related to the user’s search keywords. It stores this information in a database via indexing. The search engine then lists search results based on these indexes. The best SEO Companies in Delhi and in India, while providing both on-site and offsite development packages tend to optimize content according to the preferences of the web crawlers.

Regarding web crawlers it is essential to know what is visible to them and what is not. Web developers and designers tend to create flashy and animated websites full of effects primarily using AJAX tools but although this gives the website an external make-up, all the content stored in this form is entirely invisible to most web crawlers and hence a wasteful endeavor. Website designing using pop-ups flash and animation videos has an integral part in giving a presentable look to websites but overusing these tools gives negative effects.

Links having flashy tags like “CLICK HERE” are so devastating to the online rating and image of a website that such techniques should be considered not only negative but Suicidal. A SEO package must be developed in a way where at least with respect to content development originality and quality management must be priority over keyword optimization and designing of flash and animation effects. A harmony and balance between presentation and objective relevance of content must be maintained in order to reap high yield out of SEO services.

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