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Most Lauded Web Design and Development Company in Delhi, India

In a short span of 5 years, F5 Digi is the most sought after Web Design and Development Company in Delhi, India’s Capital. Our competitors are often awestruck looking at our progress and try replicate our efforts. But imitations can never beat the pioneers and we continue to march ahead and please our clients to no end.

Our team comprises of professional graphic designers, developers, layout artists, coders, content writers and visualizers. What’s more, we even have copywriters on board for those exquisite banners. And this list does not end here because there are others who work behind the curtains like testers, system admins who jump in should the need arise to provide their inputs.

We always work as a team and the result shows.

Static Website Designing

Many clients simply want an online presence and are content with a fixed, not-changing website which contains everything their client needs to know. We offer dozens of designs for the clients to choose from and then we also provide support on maintaining.

Dynamic Website Designing

Visitors dislike static websites which are just drab. Depending on visitors’ needs, dynamic websites display different content and you can expect revisits. In fact, search engines welcome returning visitors and award the website more brownie points.


The market is full of incompetent vendors and first-timers often fall prey and get ill-designed, incomplete websites. Sometimes clients also have static websites but as their business progresses, need Re-designing of their websites. We specialize in these jobs where we keep the original design intact, but then weave the other areas seamlessly. After all at F5 Digi, we are a team of Professional Website Designers and Developers who always over deliver and ensure that we have a long-lasting relationship with all our clients.

Custom Website Designing

Many companies have a specific design and layout in mind and our experienced designers and developers easily carve the requisite website. These websites often contain custom modules for specific needs, like horizontal or vertical sliders or tailor made for mobile devices. We take pride in saying that we have a solid presence in this niche.

Responsive Web Designing

Today screens of different size exist and only Responsive Website Design can fit them accurately. Tablets, desktops, smartphones, notebooks and what not are used by the public and they can switch between different screens when moving from office to home and while travelling too. For seamless experience, only Responsive Web Designing can meet their demands and F5 Digi is well-equipped to handle them at ease.

Startup Website Designing

Most start-ups come up when bright minds join together and visualize a unique design, which is new in most respects. Our team thoroughly discusses their needs and understands what they visualize and create the most appropriate website.

Web Design & Development FAQ's

Static websites have fixed content which seldom changes. These are kind of informational sites, say, about products, the company, etc. Being limited in information, all the pages are cached and hence open quickly. These are do it once and forget type of websites.

Practical examples could be the layout of a Zoo or a Locality, which is always fixed and only once in a blue moon one could expect some minor change.

Dynamic websites, on the other hand and constantly changing and evolving types. Every time a user visits these websites, some new changes can be spotted, i.e. changed products, services or even having some interaction with the visitor. These websites are easier to rank in SEO because Google loves updated information and also the interaction means the website addresses users’ concern.

Practical examples could be the layout of an Exhibition within a fixed area. Every few days a new exhibition comes up with different vendors having varied spaces and displays.

There are many options that need be checked. First of all, checking whether the website loads quickly, that is, within 2-3 seconds. If not, it is better to either change your host or choose the one which is nearer to your target visitors. Because “Latency”, the time it takes to bring the website from your host to the visitor’s browser should be focused on.

The other thing to ponder on is, whether the layout is clutter free, that is to say, is the content easy to read without any distractions like popup etc? Is the font is of the right size which is easy on the eye? Is there enough space between the lines to ensure there is no eye strain?

Next is the colour combination. Are the colours easy on the eye, that is, soothing? Many a time too bright colours distract the users and they want to vanish. It is better to get your website evaluated from different sources because no two minds are equal. If in doubt, always try to get visitors’ feedback as they are the best judge.

Then there is ease of navigation, linking, easy proximity to everything posted on the site etc and many others. In short, optimization is user centric and differs from website to website.

Definitely. That’s why we are here. But please note that converting a static into dynamic website or changing website theme means big changes and it involves charges. Because we first need to take a backup, then replicate the site elsewhere, make changes and get your approval and then finally restore it on your main domain are the broad processes. (If your website had posts, then even the URL might change and offend Google, so we have the extra task of entering “redirects” so the search engine knows it is just a design change, and not a totally revamped site).

We recommend you to talk to us before starting your website in the first instance because not everyone is aware of these challenges or the steps before a design change is thought of.

You are an expert in your field, and is the sole reason for trying to get a website. But designing a website is not everybody’s piece of cake and it needs the services of over a dozen professionals you may not even have heard about. For us, it is a matter of routine and we design websites for our bread and butter.

For a starter, look at this list, which we have on board, working together to make a beautiful, optimized and quick-loading website which grabs eyeballs:

1. Web Developers
2. Web Designers
3. Programmers
4. Layout Artists
5. Content Writers
6. Web Testers
7. Hosting professionals
8. Platform specialists (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, …)
9. Marketing Specialists (for Facebook, Twitter, … )
10. SEO Optimization Specialists

It is a teamwork of so many people which brings a revenue-generating website into action. Whereas all you do is to provide guidelines about displaying your products and improving them as per visitor feedback.

Now you should know why hiring a professional Web Design Company makes sense. It is just like having dozens of hands working for you, at the same time. Isn’t this great?

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