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Practical Mobile App Development Company in Delhi, India

Today everyone is using mobiles for shopping and it is clear that the demand for mobile apps has climbed maximum in all businesses. We are your one stop shop for all your mobile app needs as F5 Digi is known as the best mobile app development company in Delhi.

In fact F5 Digi offers top-notch mobile application development services for iPhone, iPad and Android plus Native Apps, Hybrid Apps and Web Apps too. All this under one roof so that you just need to ask and we provide them. With different mobiles around, it makes sense to develop your apps on all the platforms to maximize your reach and reap more revenue.

We have a specific team of app developers which is creative, knowledgeable and aware of all developments happening in this world. Thanks to the access to advanced tools and technology, our mobile app developers can create highly customized mobile applications for consumer needs and also for enterprises.

We always work as a team and the result shows.

Android App Development

Every Android version keeps updating frequently and our developers easily adapt to the newer design. They dive deep within the update and make best use of the newer version. Google usually announces the newer versions in advance and our engineers keep them aware of the changes beforehand.

iPhone Application Development

Apple is known for bringing superior mobiles with latest technological advancements. Our engineers take full advantage of it and design apps which are not only memory efficient, but take into account all the capability the iPhone brings along with.

iPad App Development

There is a slight difference between iPhone & iPad and our expert engineers are fully aware. Our engineers exhibit their tenacity by making completely bug-free iPad apps. The turnaround time is also less and almost within no time you can be sure of having your app.

Native App Development

Many time clients want to focus on a specific device for optimum performance. We encourage this concept because then at a very low level the code is written specifically for the processor, in that particular device. Then exploiting all the features of the environment becomes easy and the client reaps the benefits. Our engineers are thoroughly experienced and produce flying results.

Hybrid App Development

Clients usually don’t care how an app is built, as long as it works flawlessly. But our engineers are fully capable of incorporating code, inside of a native app which enables it to utilize a mobile platform’s web viewing ability. Hybrid mobile apps are usually built with a combination of web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The best part of Hybrid Apps is they can use native UI (User Interface) elements in necessary situations.

Web App Development

We also develop mobile apps which are cheaper than the native apps. This route is faster and cheaper when the objective is to support a wide range of devices, and often run inside a browser. Web apps, however, do not need to be downloaded from app stores like mobile apps. Web apps load in browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. A web app also doesn’t take up storage on the user’s device.

Mobile Apps Development FAQ's

The cost depends on various factors:

1. How many features and how deep they should be,
2. Whether you need a Native/Hybrid/Web App
3. For single platform or multiple
4. Types of payment gateways,
5. The layout and design
6. Simple or custom navigation panel
7. How urgent it is needed (usually the charge is double)
8. Whether your people also do the testing or we do it on our own

It is better that we discuss this in our first face-to-face meeting and many of these nitty gritty can be resolved easily. Many a time, the above do not need be discussed at all. This is just a broad scenario.

It depends on the complexity of design and available resources for testing. The initial app is usually a week away but incorporating changes, additions, and fine-tuning takes time.

Depends on which market you are targeting. General public can easily be targeted on Android whereas upmarket and rich people can better be approached using IOS.

Initial face-to-face discussion on how you want your app. Our designers then start working and within a week the first draft appears. Then online testing is put up next, where people from your side and us start and find bugs, which our engineers clear. This goes for about 2 rounds and depending on the feedback, the app is finalized.

Though both are needed and each one has some benefit over the other. Today, everyone carries a mobile and response is much better here. Old timers prefer the website on desktops and hence it is better to keep your presence on both platforms.

Depending on your association with us, the app is our baby during the developmental stages. Even after we have delivered, our association continues and we keep assisting you as long as you need.

Yes! Once you join us, we will take care of all your needs. We like to maintain relations and are proud of our association with all of our clients till date.

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